Emerald, CQ


My new reality. It was a big move, as everybody kept telling me. “But what about your boyfriend?” was the most common query. And so it’s been five weeks since landing in Emerald, a very interesting five weeks indeed.

To be completely honest, I didn’t know the graduate position I had applied for was based in Queensland until I was offered an interview. This was a very exciting yet anxious moment in my life, building up all the remaining energy I had left to get past this one last interview. The mining industry isn’t booming, per se, so securing a role with limited experience had been nothing from exhausting. But I made it (yew!) and I accepted that moving to the other side of the country was the journey I would take.

Now, moving across the country was one thing, but moving to a regional town across the country was another. This was a whole new world for me. Growing up in the Perth metropolitan area I’d always been surrounded by my life essentials. Perth isn’t big but everything you need is within close proximity…the ocean, the outback and the city. Hardly anyone, including myself, had heard of Emerald. This made it even more thrilling.  I thouroughly enjoy my alone time and now I get to relocate to a remote town that no one even knows exists. I placed no expectations upon it, did barely any research into the place. ‘It is what it is’. The uncertainty was killing me but keeping me alive all at the same time. So many mixed emotions. Have you ever felt in such alignment that doing something that seems crazy to most people feels so good to you?

It was hard. Harder than I thought to be honest. Things I expected to be easy were hard and things I expected to be hard were easy. The people here are some of the nicest I’ve ever met. The town is quite lovely also. I have everything I need within walking distance of my doorstep (except the ocean, which is a 3.5 hour drive away). I haven’t felt this physically fit in years. I have more control over what I eat, how I exercise and who I surround myself with. But of course it wasn’t going to be that simple…

What sprung me the most was coming to the realisation that no one was going to be there when I got home. When in Perth, I enjoyed being by myself majority of the time, but it was with the subconscious knowing that someone was going to walk through the door at some point in time, being my background sense of homeliness. Or someone was going to call me last minute asking to do something. But along with geographical isolation comes change. With a two hour time difference and thousands of kms of distance, you’re not part of that hustle anymore. I’ve had to stretch myself across ten different dimensions to rebuild my ‘home’ and re-establish myself. I love a good challenge though, especially when it’s both physically and mentally demanding, that’s where I thrive.

I still have my “what the fuck am I doing here” moments, but they are well balanced with the “I’m so blessed to be here” moments. I’m truly intrigued to dive deeper into parts of myself that I never knew existed and see what comes to surface. Emerald is home for now and I’m open to every bit it has to offer.

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