3-Ingredient Homemade Moisturizer

You’ve heard it many times before; our skin is our largest organ. What we absorb through our skin is just as important as what we absorb through our gut wall. This is why I choose to make my own face and body moisturizer. I like to keep things quick and simple so I use three…

Parmesan & coconut crusted fillets

One way of getting more healthy fatty acids into your diet…succulently coated fillets. These little babies have been dipped in egg to secure a coconut flour and parmesan crumb, with turmeric and parsley, and lightly fried in a garlic butter sauce. The perfect size to maintain flavour and texture. I made a side salad of…

ANZAC Biscuits

Traditional biscuits free of refined sugar and a gluten free option too!

Gelatin Berry Bites

These four-ingredient gummies are the perfect snack to curb hunger, nourish the gut and strengthen the muscuoskeletal system all at once. Gelatin (from grass-fed animals) is filled with glycine and proline, both super nourishing amino acids. It is a purified source of protein, derived from the collagen of skin, connective tissues and bones of animals….